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BNK Worldwide Shale Gas OperationsBNK Petroleum, Inc. is focused on the continued development and exploitation of its Tishomingo Shale oil property. BNK believes it can further increase its proven reserves by drilling step-out locations and thereby converting possible and undocumented reserves to proved and probable reserves. In addition, BNK continues the pursuit of high-impact, large growth potential projects. The strategic focus provides for a stable growing production and reserves platform that has a lot of growth potential while pursuing other large growth projects.



BNK Petroleum Inc.'s Tishomingo property is located in the Ardmore basin of Oklahoma


BNK Petroleum Inc. has proved and probable reserves of 53 million boe's.

Recovery Methods

Scientific geological technologies used by BNK Petroleum have helped keep pace with rising international energy demand while also reducing the environmental footprint of energy development.

Technical Description

BNK Petroleum Inc has documented some high level information on various facets of shale oil & gas exploration.

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