BNK Petroleum Corporate

Health, Safety, and Environment

BNK has a responsibility to operate in a manner that ensures the continuing healthy and safety of its employees and community members. In addition, our operating methods are designed to take into account the well-being of the environment including the land, water, and the air.

Health & Safety: Work in oil and gas exploration and production is inherently risky unless proper procedures are put in place and adopted on a day to day basis. We work continually to improve our safety record by ensuring that the importance of following safety best practices is communicated to and understood by all of our employees, contractors, consultants, and suppliers. We require any one working in or for our operations to acknowledge their understanding of our policies and practices through a formal sign-off procedure. We audit our employees and contractors to ensure that all field operations meet our health and safety procedures and policies.

Specifically, we seek to control and limit safety hazards and minimize worker injury by taking the following steps:

  1. Designing and executing safety training programs so that our health and safety practices are adopted by all employees and contractors.

  2. Continually monitoring our operations to identify deficiencies and use these to improve our practices for the future.

  3. Staying abreast of industry best practices to ensure that we learn from practices adopted by others in our industry.

  4. Working alongside our contractors, consultants, and suppliers to create and maintain a safer working environment.

  5. Adopting and enforcing an alcohol and drug-free policy in all our operations.

  6. Communicating the results of our efforts openly to all stakeholders as part of our policy of transparency.

Protecting our Water: We believe in a virtuous cycle of reduce, re-cycle, and re-use when it comes to the use of water in our oil and gas production when appropriate. While we recognized that water plays a critical role in our day-to-day operations, we will also recognize the importance of sound water management practices, which include minimizing our use of water and recycling and re-using water when appropriate.

We use best industry practices to protect the fresh water aquifers where we operate. We always set a string of steel casing “surface casing” to a depth below the fresh water table. This steel casing is set and then cemented in place with the end result of cement lining the entire outside of the steel casing from the surface to the bottom. This isolates all the fresh water aquifers from the deeper intervals that will be drilled and produced which are generally thousands of feet below the “surface casing”. In addition, we believe in good water management. In development operations we will be recycling the frac water to the largest extent possible.

Protecting our Air: We work hard towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from our exploration and production efforts and improving energy efficiency.

Protecting our Land: We operate on land shared by our neighbors and therefore strive to protect the environment and improve our practices around land use. Specifically, we look to adopt low impact technology wherever possible.