BNK Petroleum Corporate


OperationsBNK, like any business, is a part of the community in which it operates whether that community is defined in terms of its local operating environment, its employees or the broader corporate community. As such, we take our responsibility to our employees, our local community, our environment and our corporate stakeholders very seriously.

We take our responsibility to each of these stakeholders seriously. Without the dedication of our employees, our business would not exist and, accordingly, we owe it to them to foster an environment in which they can thrive and safely prosper. As a part of the local community in which we operate, we understand that being a good neighbor is essential to the success of our business and we work tirelessly to ensure that the local community shares in the benefits of our oil and gas operations. In addition to being a part of the local community, we also recognize our part in the broader corporate community and therefore seek to operate with complete transparency so that our shareholders have faith that they are partnered with a business based upon integrity and well managed growth.

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Health, Safety & Environment

BNK has a responsibility to operate in a manner that ensures the continuing health and safety of its employees and community members while preserving and protecting the environment.

Responsibility to Community

Taking into consideration the needs of the community in which we operate, is critical to the successful operation and growth of our company.


Environmental Protection

BNK endeavors to maintain its industry leading environmental management policy, focusing on protection of the environment in the communities which it operates.

Shale Gas 101

A brief overview of Shale Gas and methods of extraction.