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Who We Are

About BNK Petroleum

BNK Petroleum Inc., an international energy company, is focused on the acquisition, exploration, and production of large hydrocarbon reserves, predominately unconventional. The strategic objective is to maximize the value of it's U.S. shale oil assets, while looking for additional high-impact, large growth potential projects.

BNK is currently applying the knowledge it's experienced technical team has gained on U.S. shale gas projects to maximize the potential of its producing assets.


Corporate Mission

BNK Petroleum, Inc. is an International energy company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and production of large oil and gas reserves, primarily unconventional in nature.

Corporate History

In March of 2008 Bankers Petroleum Ltd. announced it’s intent to spin off its United States based wholly owned unconventional exploration and production company which had been pursuing shale gas since 2005.


Management Team

BNK’s corporate team has demonstrated experience in the selection and operation of shale gas projects.

Board of Directors

BNK enjoys access to a world-class board of directors with over 100 years of collective experience in the oil and gas industry.



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BNK's seeks to hire the best people to assist it in developing and growing the business.